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Desiree Dicupe is a well known NYC Latin dance instructor and performer and she has traveled internationally performing and teaching.  She is now the owner and chief instructor of The Carabali Dance School in NYC.  


Desiree has performed in various television shows including Good Morning America, WB Morning Show, and an Urban Latino TV pilot.  She has also performed with numerous artists including Andy Montanez, Oscar Hernandez, Ralph Irizarry, Ismael Miranda, Vanessa Williams, Chayanne, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Jimmy Bosch, Oscar D'Leon, the Fania All-Stars, Tego Calderon, and Kevin Ceballo.  Once a featured Copa dancer at the legendary Copacabana, she presents her soulful, sensual, and fluid movement through cha-cha, salsa, and merengue. 

Throughout her dancing career, Desiree has trained with Angel & Addie Rodriguez, Eddie & Maria Torres, Xiomara Rodriguez, Pupy, and Yvonne Gutierrez.  She has also performed with dance companies such as Razz M Tazz, The Addie-Tude Dance Company, Abakua, The Copa Dancers, Salsa Racing in Miami, Dave Paris & The Piel Canela Dance Company.

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